Conspiracy Theory

The world is full of conspiracy theories. This is a collection of short essays about some of the more popular, classified as to whether they are actually true, demonstrably false, or speculative.

A few of them, marked with , will open in a new tab or window, as they were already published before this section, or intrinsically belong in a slightly more appropriate section (e.g. lies that society wants us to believe).


  • UN Agenda 21.

    When people first discover Agenda 21, they are typically amazed by how large and widespread it is, and by how they have somehow been unaware of it for so long.

    When they look into it though, they are presented with two very different pictures. Both views are very extreme, highly subjective, and difficult to believe. One side appears to be living in a fantasy world where Agenda 21 will transform Earth into a paradise, the other in a paranoid world where where Agenda 21 is a conspiracy to enslave mankind.

  • Area 51.

    This short article describes not one, but two conspiracies by the US government and military concerning the Roswell crash site and the secret Area 51 facility. The true conspiracies however are not what most people would expect.

    It was already written before this Conspiracy section, so appears elsewhere on the web site:

  • Industrial Society.

    Any industrial society must inherently suppress human freedom and self-esteem, cannot be corrected by any means, and will continually worsen.

    In 1995 Dr. Theodore Kaczynski published a paper describing the effects of industrial society on human freedom. In it he advocates the total destruction of modern society, and the prevention of large-scale technology in whatever arises from the ashes.

    This is a chapter-by-chapter summary of that paper, including a link to the full text of the original.


  • JFK Assassination Conspiracy.

    This article lists the major known facts about the JFK assassination, points out some problems with the evidence, and suggests a possible explanation that requires the existence of only a small simple after-the-fact conspiracy, neither confirming nor excluding the possibility that some of the other suggested pre-assassination conspiracies might be true.

    It was already written before this Conspiracy section, so appears elsewhere on the web site: