Problem Management — failure
Priorities and Perspectives

Pablo Picasso was attacked for painting unrealistic portraits with facial parts not in their normal positions. A man took a photograph of his wife from his wallet and said this is how a woman looks. Picasso studied it and then observed She's rather small. And flat..

Your priorities are not necessarily my priorities.

You might have a wonderful solution to a horrible problem, and you might have been able to convince the administration that it is worth doing, but that doesn't mean that it's going to be allowed to work.

Everyone has a different view of the world. The things that are important to you aren't necessarily important to everyone else, and what's important to someone else isn't necessarily important to you. It's possible that what you perceive as a horrible problem is seen as only a minor irritation or not even noticed by some other people. It's possible that what you perceive as a wonderful solution would be seen as a significant burden by some other people.

In such cases, it's very likely that your solution won't be put into practice, or will at best be given grumbling lip service. If the solution is forced by official policy, it can create disharmony and poor morale among the workers that see it as a problem rather than as a solution, and their resentment might be directed to you personally. The more creative passive aggressive people might even follow the policy very strictly, creating a worse problem than what you were trying to solve.

These solutions require significant user education before deployment, so that those that must use them understand why it would be a good thing to do so. And the why must be presented as something intrinsic, or at least closely related to the solution and original problem; definitely not as a threat.

Even then, it's not likely to be accepted; everyone's personal preferences are different. If so, you must reevaluate the solution and problem. Were there other solutions (which you perhaps felt were not as good) that would be acceptable to others? Is the problem a real problem, or simply something that would make life easier for you personally? Or perhaps there is a slightly different problem that is of concern to others, and solving that would also solve your original problem.

If everything fails, then accept that your view of the world is different from most other people's, and realize that you can't always reshape the world to match your personal preferences.