Ray Butterworth's Mini MFCF Biography"

This is the result of a request for a brief biography for a UW Math Faculty publication.

I came to UW when the Math Building first opened in 1968, spending a week here as a Junior Math Contest munchkin and repeating the experience the next year. A decade and almost three degrees later, I dropped out and started working full time for MFCF in 1979. During these 30+ years, I have served under all seven MFCF directors, survived two major purges, and watched it evolve from its golden age to the current depression.

I am one of the few staff left that both likes to program (mostly C) and gets the opportunity to do so. My interests are less with individual user problems, and more with general infrastructure support that benefits all users, believing that with more of the latter, there will be far less of the former.