Sous Vide Jerk Chicken Wings

Photograph of serving, showing four full wings, covered with spicy sauce.

Slow sous vide ensures that the chicken is thoroughly cooked all the way through without becoming tough or dry. Finishing with a fast grilling improves the taste and texture of the outside.

This recipe is specifically for wings, but could be used for other parts (see note at end).



Place wings and sauce into large zipper bag and seal. Marinate in refrigerator for at least an hour, or a day or so. Turn and agitate occasionally to ensure thorough coating.

Sous vide

Water-displace any air remaining in bag, flatten the contents as much as possible to avoid being extra thick in the middle, and immerse cook at 140°F for at least 2 hours. (3 or 4 hours won't improve it, but it won't overcook it either).


Grilling uses the Maillard reaction to enhance the flavour and appearance. The meat is already cooked, so don't leave it on too long. The hotter the grill, the better.


Move wings to serving plate for immediate use, or shut off grill, move pieces to coolest part, and close lid to keep warm.