Sous Vide Cooking Times

Temperatures are precise, but cooking times are very approximate.

Temperatures below 55°C, 131°F allow bacterial growth, so limit to a couple of hours.

55°C131°F1–1½ hoursTop sirloin 🥩
57°C134°F2–12 hoursSirloin tip (flap)
55°C131°F48 hoursBottom (outside) round
55°C131°F¾–4 hoursBeef burger 🍔
71°C160°F36 hoursCorned beef 🐄
60°C140°F48 hoursBeef ribs 🍖
55°C131°F7–8 hoursLamb chops 🐑
62°C144°F1½–2 hoursChicken breasts 🐔
65°C150°F1½–2 hoursChicken breasts (to shred)🐔
74°C165°F1–4 hoursChicken legs 🍗
57°C134°F½ hourSole 🎣
46°C115°F½–¾ hourSalmon 🐟
55–75°C131–167°F¾ hourEggs 🥚
84°C183°F1 hourVegetables 🥕
84°C183°F30+ minutesCorn on the cob 🌽
84°C185°F10-12 minutesAsparagus
65°C150°F2 hoursCoffee
82°C180°F1 hourQuinoa (150% water)
45°C113°F4–12 hoursDahi (previously denatured at 185°F)