RT#90020 — Project: New Sponsors Database

Obvious Problems:

RT#90020 [https://www.math.uwaterloo.ca/mfcf/help/request/UpdateRequest?90020] has a subject that makes it look like a project, but:

The entire item seems to be a place to record vague descriptions of things that have been tried, with no indication of what they were attempting to achieve.

It's not obvious that anyone other than perhaps the Requester knows what the overall goal of this project actually is.


Before we proceed any further we need to step back and get off to a proper start. I'm not suggesting throwing out all the work that's been done; I'm suggesting throwing out the failed attempt at project management and then recreating the project management infrastructure as if it had been done correctly from the beginning.

Except for changes to the Dependencies list, this item should remain static until all design dependencies are done. At that time an explanation can be added of how this new design alleviates the problems found in the current design. After that, again except for changes to the Dependencies list, this item should remain static until all dependencies are done, at which time the project can be closed.


Before Ray looks at this project, he would like the following to be prepared:

Ideally, the last four points would already be defined by the main project's Dependencies list and require no additional work.

Further Reading:

It would also be of great help if the people sponsoring and working on this project could think about answers to these five questions:

For details, follow the links at the bottom of each page in Five questions to answer before starting a project [https://rbutterworth/Management/questions].