Problem Management — the questions
1.3 What other solutions were considered, and why were they rejected?

Most problems can be solved in many different ways, but the costs and benefits of each solution will typically be very different. It is essential to examine as many different solutions as is practical before deciding upon which course of action to take.

It is far too easy to think of a solution, become convinced that it will work, and then neglect to consider that there might be other, better solutions. Some solutions might not be as obvious, but will actually cost less or provide greater benefits. Other solutions to your problem might even be more expensive, but they might also provide a more general solution to several other problems, whether yours or other people's.

Even if your original proposal does turn out to be the best solution, it is important to have analyzed the others. Inevitably people will see your solution and say Yes, but wouldn't it have been a lot easier to … ?, and instead of admitting that you didn't think of it, or emotionally rejecting their suggestion outright, you can reply No, we considered that idea and determined that it wouldn't work as well because … ..