Problem Management — the questions
1.4 How does the proposed solution alleviate those problems?

Policy changes and new projects will often affect more than they were specifically designed to, but as long as such effects have already been taken into account, that's fine. What is essential to ensure however, is that the original problems that inspired this solution are all fully covered.

It is very easy to devise a solution to one or more problems only to have it change during its design and implementation in ways that cause it to no longer provide the originally intended benefits.

During the design, one must continually go back to the question Is what we are doing still dealing with what we are trying to accomplish?. It is far too easy to forget or neglect the original goal when distracted by the potential uses of a solution.

And if the design does keep drifting away from the goal, perhaps that's an indication that the originally stated problem doesn't accurately represent the real problem that we should be handling.