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Quotations: A selection of quotations by or about Ray Butterworth..
Psychology: A selection of personality tests about Ray Butterworth..
Things I have (not) done: A party game type list of things that I have (or have not) done that most people haven't (or have)..
ASCII Autostereogram: An example of using ASCII text to produce a stereo effect.
Mini MFCF biography: A short biography required by my employer.
WebObjects course, 2004: A very subjective daily journal of an incredibly expensive (for MFCF) and essentially useless (for me) training course.
San Francisco and Singapore trip, 2016: Observations about a family trip to San Francisco and Singapore.
Music Synthesizer: My first attempt at using web audio.
My Quora Answers: Answers I've published on Quora.
My common links: Links that I frequently use.
Letter to the Record - LRT: Letters to the editor.