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50171217What is the difference between <section> and <aside> HTML5 tags?
96180115What is an empty tag?
110180117What is the difference between a container tag and a non-container tag?
112180117What should be the first tag in any HTML document?
116180118Why are there developers who create new websites using XHTML while we have the better HTML5?
165180121What does a hashtag at the end of a URL do?
184180127How do I create a horizontal line in HTML?
235180204What's the difference between em, rem, pt, px and width: x%?
257180211Which is better to have anchor tag inside <h1> or <h1> inside anchor tag?
265180219What is the different between row, wrapper and container in HTML?
291180227What is the structure of an HTML program?
315180305In HTML, does clicking on the padding of an element count as a click on the element?
360180324In HTML 5, can one display the caption of an image without using the figure element, and just using the figcaption element?
459180527What is the difference between the head and header in HTML?
621181009How would you explain the importance of HTML 5 to Larry Page and then to my grandma?


67180103How can I master responsive CSS?
68180103How do you set a minimum height and width for pictures in CSS?
105180117How do you make a hidden image in HTML?
109180117In CSS, what is the best way to set heights for sections on my page and are fixed heights frowned upon?
129180118How can one fix CSS issues like padding, margin, font size, specific Chrome browser, etc.?
163180121What is the most difficult part of learning CSS?
168180122How do I add a logo or an image in the top left corner of my web page?
194180129How can I add an image in a paragraph?
224180203When using position 'absolute' my Div's offset against the 'grandparent' element, not the parent element, or am I getting confused? What is the true definition of parent element?
225180203What is the best way to prevent divs from overlapping? I have 3 divs. The First div changes its size and overlaps the second one which is a set of images.
234180204What is the simplest way in HTML to indent text within a paragraph to a specific position (without using tables)?
249180209Should I wrap the new semantic tags with div, or wrap the div tags with these new semantic tags then do CSS on it? Which is the best approach?
250180209I never seem to be able to align elements correctly using CSS. Do you have any general advice or tips?
258180211Why do I get a bottom blank space in SVG?
266180219Which tag is used to begin a new line?
273180223How can I build a responsive website without any web design knowledge?
295180228In HTML and CSS, how do I span a background the entire width of the page?
313180303CSS3: What's the best way to create a fluid multi-column layout, that adapts the column count accourding to the amount of content?
361180324How do I fit a smaller image into a larger div while the visual still appears nice?
368180327What is the best measurement for defining width in CSS media queries, 'PX', 'EM', or 'REM'?
389180405How can I learn the CSS box model and layout positioning?
394180406How can I add a background image to a specific heading and paragraph in HTML? When I will pass by that heading and paragraph, I wanna see that image only covering that specific head and para nowhere else.
599180925How can I add multiple extra spaces between two words in HTML5?
681181102What is better for editing in CSS, px or %?
699181113Is CSS the most complex software language?
702181115In CSS, why do people use #fff instead of white?
731181201Which tag inserts a blank line before and after the enclosed text?
742181208Is setting negative margins in CSS to be considered bad practice?


133180119In JavaScript, how do you get the physical dimensions of your screen in inches/centimeters instead of pixels?
138180119Being a beginner, is it fine if I add JavaScript code first in the HTML before CSS?
171180124How do you create a table using JavaScript?
178180126How do you put information from JavaScript into HTML?
195180129Is JavaScript a bad language as argued by some software engineers? What is it about it that makes people hate it?
278180226How can we add a tab in HTML?
293180227Why do we need a DOM? Why can't we just manipulate the HTML? I would like to know the reasoning behind it, and why the concept of a DOM was born.


52171217What is better in web development Python or JavaScript?
81180113What is difference between Javascript and Python? Which is easier to start learning if they are used for the same thing?
83180113I know the basics of Java (not Javascript), HTML and CSS. What else should I learn to develop Java-based web services?
88180114What are the advantages of C# over Javascript and vice versa?
157180120As a beginner into web design, what programming language do you suggest that I learn first?
188180128What are HTML, JavaScript, and CSS used for other than web design?
287180227What is the order I need to follow to learn web programming languages (HTML 5)?
292180227Which is better to learn as a freelancer, WordPress, HTML, CSS, or JavaScript?
355180316When programming a web app, is it usually better to lay out the CSS style or finish the Javascript logic first?
594180923How hard is it to learn CSS over the age of 30 with no background in it?


14171127Can I make a website by using only PHP?
49171217How can I test a HTML code in a browser?
90180114I know basic HTML and CSS. What are the best ways to master them and build websites from scratch?
108180117How much should I charge for a static HTML/CSS website?
132180119How can I force the browser (Chrome) to wrap the text of web pages so there is no need to use the horizontal scroll bar?
143180119What is responsive web design?
244180306How do I really get started with freelance web design. I already know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. How do I actually build a website for clients to make a living? Are there any tutorials out there?
302180302If you describe, in a two-way table, the demographic characteristics (e.g. race) of those who do and do not participate in a training program, do you define race as the table rows (across the left side) or the columns (across the top)?
321180305What can I do to improve my website? My website is 4 days old and has 154 views.
533180825How does the new Gmail web design compare to the old one?
534180825Is there any general reason why website may look perfect in Firefox, but incorrect in Chrome?
708181126What are some reasons to have a responsive web design?
712181127What is the best way to convert a PDF file into html5?



36171216What tool does a programmer use to produce a Python source code?
48171217How do I find the words that are substrings of other words in the same sentence in Python?
216180201How is Python is easy to learn even though there are too many features to keep in mind e.g. iterators, generators, comprehensions, closures, co routines, decorators, classes with dunder, most confusing modules and package implementation?
226180203How should I attempt to learn recursion in Python?
237180204What is a good test for Python skills?
238180205How can I make a program in Python that would calculate special relativity?
350180310Why is reading code much harder than writing it? How can I read code and understand what the code actually is doing (in Python to be precise)?


86180114How and by using what references can I learn the SQL programming language in a short time?


47171217What is the difference between the two declarations, void myfunction (int*a) and void myfunction (int a[])?
77180112How do you read from a .txt file into a 2D array in C?
124180118Is it necessary to learn C++or C if I want to become a good software engineer?
166180122What are the concepts of stdin and stdout in C?
169180122Is this sentence grammatically correct? "The de-reference operator was realized in the way it serves as extracting the value of a memory address." This is a concluding sentence I used to describe about the de-reference operator '*' in C language.
247180208How do I write a C struct to a (binary) file and how do I read and display it? (using fwrite)
290180227Why can't we pass an array by value?
314180304How do I write a C program to find whether a string is a pangram or not?
324180307How do you set, clear and toggle a single bit in C?
341180308How should I do it "Write a program in c that asks the user to type 10 integers of an array. The program will then display either "the array is growing", "the array is decreasing", "the array is constant", or "the array is growing and decreasing" ?"?
351180310What does Struct {int len; char *str;} *p; mean in C?
721181129What is the meaning of bit fields in the C language?
730181130In C++, how can I ensure that a statement within a loop is only executed on the first iteration? How can I make it such that on subsequent iterations that statement is treated as though it isn't even there?


4171124What are pointer and double pointers and its advantages and disadvantages?
358180322What is the meaning of ++*p++ in pointers in C++?
620181004What is the difference between an array and a pointer in C?
651181023How can we compare a char pointer’s value with a string literal in C++?


338180308If programmers in the 80′s used editors that were state-of-the-art at that time (like Vim/Emacs), why should modern programmers not use editors that are state-of-the-art today, and still use Vim/Emacs?
345180309How do I run a C program in VIM using a Mac terminal?


89180114Can you recommend a computer language for me to start out with (something that's not boring so I'll be motivated) and where/how to learn it?
121180118In the field of computer programming, where should a beginner start?
135180119What is the most effective way to learn how to code?
231180204What programming language can I learn on a 11 hour flight, given that my laptop battery can last for 6 hours?
239180205How do I get across the mental block that I cannot learn Java?
289180227I’m a beginner programmer, and writing small programs keeps me going. Did anyone else feel this sensation as a beginner?
307180302What type of computer does a senior computer programmer use vs a junior programmer? I have an assignment and yeah I don't know much about this stuff, I also tried googling it too.
384180405I am currently learning JavaScript as my first language but I don’t really see myself making a website anytime soon, should I instead put effort in learning Python?
496180812It's hard for older people to learn programming and become a software developer, would it be even harder for a 33 year old woman to become a software developer?
509180816Where can I learn HTML online and receive a certificate free of charge or for a nominal charge, so that I can prove that I have this skill on LinkedIn?
641181016How do you remember CSS styles?
650181023How do I start learning programming from scratch? How do I practice as I don't have anyone to give me practice questions for practicing programming?
655181026How can self-learners learn programming in the most efficient way? The most pragmatic approach?
691181106I know the recursion concept, but I still couldn't solve the permutation of a String, Towers of Hanoi problem of my own using recursion techniques. Is anybody facing the same problem?


1171120What is the most dangerous code you've ever seen?
111180117What is the meaning of untyped language?
156180120What is your coding setup?
158180120It said that "the size of object-oriented programs is larger than procedural programs. Due to the larger size of programs, we may need more storage." Keeping in mind the current software and hardware market, how much of this issue matters?
182180126What are examples of high level languages?
183180126What did older computers do better?
215180131How do I create a delay by using a “while” statement?
222180202Why shouldn't an array start with 1 in a programming language? What are the reasons not to do it?
230180203Can someone write a code on notepad that when opened, it will literally burn the computer?
245180207When programming, is there a difference between languages with how much errors one has to search?
336180308Why do we use namespace in programming? What is an example that a simpleton like me would understand?
396180406How do I grep common strings with emoji character in shell script, Straight grep "(emoji character)socks" filename do not give results even if the string is present in file?
431180427What were the advantages of goto back then?
451180513What is the most interesting algorithm?
461180603Why do DAS keyboards have 2 USB heads?
454180515How powerful can BASH (Unix Shell language) be? What are some things that it can do that most people don't realize?
552180904What’s the most impressive thing you’ve seen a computer programmer do?
630181012Don't programming languages require code to be made? What about the code for that code to be made? Don't these programs need code and also the programs need to be coded? I've entered an infinite loop?
635181014I am making a program/tracker that would track library books so they would be easier to find. How would I construct such a thing? Which programming languages should I use? Are there any micro-controllers that would be helpful?
703181119How can I delegate HTML/CSS/JS to someone while keeping Java code secret? The project uses Spring MVC. HTML views are Freemarker (Java template engine).



101180117Why is the Goodyear Blimp not considered a real "blimp"?
130180118On an airplane, if the ailerons steered the aircraft to the left but the rudder steered the aircraft to the right, what would happen?
261180213What is the end of science and technology?
325180307What should I do if the inside of my fridge is wet?
538180827As a licensed electrician, what is the most dangerous DIY homeowner wiring job you’ve ever seen?
562180907In a race between humans and technology, what would humans win on?
591180922Why aren't we mining resource from our neighbor planets?
611180929How do we protect our human rights in the face of technology advancement?


357180321If the earth is a ball, then how come you can't see buildings tilted in a 200 mile wide city from a high vantage point?
379180330If creatures came to Earth from a planet 4 times the mass/gravity of Earth, would they be larger, stronger and faster than humans? Also, could they jump really high?
448180512Why does the earth appear to spin terribly slow at sunrise since the difference between my neighbor and my backyard getting hit by sunlight is about 5 minutes, but still we are only about 100 feet apart?
442180507Does the earth spin or does everything but the earth spin?
467180718When did people realize that Earth is not a perfect sphere?
468180717If another planet/large mass came in range of the Earth which had a stronger gravitational field, would humans and other non-fixed objects be drawn onto it?
502180814What is the square area of the sun that is responsible for the energy transferred to earth?
614180930Does anybody believe the Earth is a cube?
675181031What would happen if planet earth was spinning counter clockwise?


9171125For some reason you travel back in time to the mid-1600s, so you visit Isaac Newton. You tell him about special relativity, but he is unconvinced. What experiment can you perform to convince him? You brought nothing with you.
126180118What is the similarity between weight and mass, simple common words?
140180119What is a good definition of the word ‘quantizing’ that a layperson could understand?
284180226How strong of a blow would it take to send someone into orbit with a slam such as the giants in Skyrim?
404180410Is the Earth moving with uniform speed? If yes, then what is the speed of the Earth?
471180720Is it possible that space is pushing us toward earth instead of earth pulling us towards it?
488180809Why are we constantly living in the past or future, but never in the moment?
491180810How would the universe be perceived if all humans did not have the sense of sight? Would not the speed of sound define our universe and the Lorentz transformations still hold by substituting the speed of sound for the speed of light?
493180811Can you explain the theory of relativity in 5 words?
543180829Would a ball with oxygen at atmospheric pressure of earth float on top of water if it's in space/zero G? If not how come? They still would have a difference in mass.
553180905How can mass move through space-time? What put it to motion if there's no gravity?
724181129Why should the speed of light link to general and special relativity?


21171128Where do we use factorization in our daily life?
288180227Assuming I have an infinite amount of money, can I play roulette until I win? Every time I lose, I use double the amount of money from the previous round to play again. What are my expected winnings? Are they positive (or could I lose forever)?
343180309Press a button and there is a 99% chance of doubling your money and a 1% chance of losing it all. You are given $1 to start. How many times will you press the button?
554180905Is there a formula to convert square miles to square kilometers?
563180908Using 1000 bankroll what’s the best way to likely double your money betting on football over 7 day period with lowest risk of capital loss?


19171128Why is science a never-ending process?
146180119How can you explain to someone the offside rule using simple terms?
327180307What happens to the world economy if a pandemic wiped out 50% of all humans (6-month deadly flu)?
408180411Why do police line ups require people who look like the actual suspect? Why can’t they for example mix up white and black people together to make it easier to pick and identify the actual suspect?
405180410How come Area 51 is a restricted military place? Do they have aliens or something they don't want the public to see?
419180419Why don't the police say, "over and out" on the police radios like they used to?
518180818I've seen two comic instances where someone says they smell toast and wonder if they're having a stroke. Is smelling toast supposed to be a symptom of a stroke?
537180827Did early humans cast out their offspring when they reached a certain age in the fear of inbreeding that would have surely weaken their community?
575180912What do you do with all the small change (pennies, nickels, and dimes) you accumulate when you go out spending/shopping?
607180927Police officers, if you responded to a call about a topless woman in her yard, and you arrive to find that she is mowing her lawn, would you arrest her?
633181013What should you do if your vehicle dies on a railroad track?
661181028Did the U.S. government intentionally poison alcohol to curb consumption during Prohibition and 10,000 people had died from this poisoning?
701181115Years ago, a California mortician reported that a corpse of an eastern religious practitioner was refusing to decompose. What happened? What were the principles?
705181121If an attorney can ask whatever questions they want of a witness, why does TV always make a big deal of an attorney asking the judge to treat a witness as hostile?


33171215Is Germany using tricky things to create in near future the fourth reich I mean EU for them now is like Adolf Hitler wanted by war 70 years ago?
82180113If Japan had still been defeated in the Pacific, but Britain lost the war in Europe, how would Australia have been affected?
198180129Why did Europeans want to find the Northwest Passage after they discovered the New World?
202180129How much would history have changed if Columbus had given up when the first person turned him away?
260180213Why did Germany join the EU and the Euro when they already had the strongest currency in Europe?
281180226Why was it Europeans who developed modern math and science, not other people famous for their accomplishments in the past like Arabs and Chinese?
282180226Could China or Japan have discovered the "New World" sooner than Europe?
303180302What would have been better to an American native, the British or the American colonies?
309180302Were there any German WW1 veterans that served with distinction, or even decorated heroes, that were of Jewish descent? Were they spared the Holocaust along with their families also?
322180306Which African American in history do you most admire?
346180309How many British people died in the American Revolutionary War? How was that war viewed by them in the years following?
356180321How would Canada (outside Quebec) be different if all of it had been colonized by the French instead of the British?
435180428What is the most humiliating military defeat in history (i.e., a battle where a technologically superior and bigger army lost to a small worse-equipped army)?



69180104Does it mean anything to do something "in a go"?
91180115What does "she’s sort of the Nordic hundreds type" mean when talking about what a female looks like?
93180115What is the difference between an 'ass' and 'donkey'?
95180115What is the difference between "can you please…" and "can you… please"?
115180118Which one lasts longer between "ephemeral" and "fugacious"? Which one do I choose in this sentence, ‘When I used to live in New York, summer seemed (ephemeral/fugacious) and my plants did not have a second chance to bloom again.’?
125180118What is ‘heck’?
142180119What does in-words NOTA mean?
145180119Why would a puzzled expression flash across someone face? What does flash mean when talking about expressions?
147180119What is considered the opposite of envy?
155180120What does dost mean?
176180125What does "meat-for-brains" mean?
189180128What is the passive form of he grows wheat in his field?
197180129Is "largening" a word?
211180130Is "kike" a word, or did they misspell "kite"?
228180203Is the plural of Octopus, Octopi or Octupuses?
388180405What is the definition of ‘you can't have your cake and eat it too’?
685181104Where did the phrase "tie one on" come from?


29171215Why is unaware not a verb? It denotes an action of a thought.
30171215What is the difference between wouldn't have and would haven't?
35171216How is the sentence "may all the peoples praise you, O God; may all the peoples praise you” correct?
45171217"I'm doing some exercises. I started a few hours ago. I realized I've been focusing on the theoretical part for too long and I still hadn't done any exercise. So far I've done three of them and it's going well." Is this grammatically correct?
46171217What is the difference between these two sentences: "It's been a year since that incident" and "One year has been passed since that incident."?
57171221Which is the correct sentence “the train that met with an accident” or “the train which met with an accident”?
59171221Is it grammatically correct to say, "If this is not taken care of, you will be party to the sin that he commits by resisting the Lord." Do I need to revise it as "the sin that he commits in resisting God"?
60171221Is it grammatically correct to say “comparison results”?
61171221Is it grammatically correct to say, “I look forward to hearing from you after holiday”?
62171221Which one is correct? “Are there big trees in your garden” or “Is there big trees in your garden”?
65180102Is “Monday and Wednesday is English speaking day.” a grammatically correct sentence?
66180103Why is it that in the English language after using the expression 'it’s time', the verb coming after it must be in the past tense?
70180104What's the error in this sentence: "I really appreciate him telling us about the delay in delivering the materials because we had planned to begin work tomorrow."?
75180112The passengers crossed the road slowly. The passengers slowly crossed the road. Are these two sentences correct and do they mean the same thing?
84180113Can you start a sentence with "Followed by…'?
87180114Does this sound natural to a native ear, "You're grown up now. Think for once of your mom and dad"?
98180116Can I start a sentence with "this"?
118180118"Here is John's car." What are the objects and the subject in grammar?
119180118When is it required to put a comma before 'which' or 'who' in a complex sentence of English?
128180118Is this phrase correct? "The sky is as Azure as if it has been painted by an artist."
141180119What do I choose in the gap "Is" or "are" "Here () some milk and biscuits for you."?
153180120Isn't the expression "leave them kids alone", which takes place in the song "Another Brick in The Wall", grammatically wrong?
161180121Is it correct that the preposition "on" is used before vehicle names, e.g. I am on the train?
172180124Which statement is correct? I am in the plane or on the plane?
173180125What is the plural of leaf? Is it leafs or leaves?
186180127What is an expletive "it"? What are some examples?
232180204Is there any difference between "a lot of" and "lots of"? I would like to hear an answer from native speakers.
352180313In what situations are "on the street" and "in the street" used?
372180328If you live in America, is it pretentious to use '-our' and '-ise' spellings in formal writing, e.g. colour and realise?
377180329What is the plural word for berry?
409180411How old is the expression 'not!' at the end of a sentence, for example, 'I think I'll buy more - not!'? Is this a modern pop-culture expression i.e., post-1980s?
462180606Why does the New York Times always announce the passing of someone with 'X person is dead' as opposed to 'X person has died'? Is this an Americanism or an NYT style? In British English, it comes across as very crass.
547180831What is the correct form, “from who”, or “from whom”?
564180908What is the difference between "I have seen one before" and "I saw one before"?
585180917Is there any difference between ‘do you know’ and ‘did you know’?
696181108Why is punctuation important in poetry? Are there any good examples of how punctuation changed the meaning of a poem?
704181120Which is correct: " I want to be like you who HAS never had issues" and " I want to be like you who HAVE never had issues"?


28171214Is it as hard for Anglophones to master the French "r" as Nippophones to master the English "r"?
103180117Is Xenos pronounced ‘ex-eh-noss’ or ‘zee-noss’?
122180118Why do so many native English speakers with channels on YouTube have problems pronouncing the letter "r"?
159180120How can I improve my pronunciation? I am from India and am finding it hard to pronounce the way Americans do.
180180126What British accent makes an “R” sound like a “W”?
255180209Whenever I pronounce things, my R's can sometimes sound like a W. Why is that?
330180307What are the common words containing "ough" with their pronunciation?
359180323Why are there no English words that start with an "x" that sounds like "ks"?
395180406Why do we say we half to something instead of have to?
413180414Have you ever wished to be able to hear the sound of your own language the way it would sound if you didn't understand it?
551180904How do you pronounce wrath?


32171215Since hieroglyphs are a pictorial language, can it be 'translated' without knowing the language spoken by the people who wrote it?
64171221What is the hardest word in your language for non-native speakers?
72180104Why can't all nationalities speak the same language?
74180109Which translation sounds more true to the original: the English “Beijing” or the German “Peking”?
97180116How do I translate"孙子出题,儿子监考严,老子不会写"into English?
99180117Is it true that in Chinese an answer to a yes/no question responds to the value of the statement (true/false) rather than the content of the statement?
114180117What foreign languages do American students learn?
123180118What language did the 13 colonies speak?
136180119What app can I use that will translate what I say in English to audio output in Ukranian and vice versa?
164180121How do I create a Pidgin language based on Latin?
167180122Why do people from an arbitrary nation have the same sounding accent when talking in another language, like English? What is preventing these unique individuals from sounding different?
179180126Why did Hebrew evolve to have no present-tense form of "to be"?
191180129Do you have to speak a foreign language to understand it? Why or why not?
205180130What's the origin of English words that begin with a double letter like Lloyds or Ffion?
223180202What does your culture have multiple words for, like eskimos and their fourteen words for snow? [Question deleted by Quora?]
243180206Which sites can help my 4th grader to write better in English?
270180220What are two languages, that share similarities, that you find surprising?
401180410How do translators go about translating made-up words between languages?
463180606Why are non-Americans often surprised that most Americans only speak the one language they need for all the people they deal with on a daily basis for most of their lives?
580180916Why is the British accent so difficult to understand? Why don't people pronounce the whole word?
615180930What is the most important thing in learning a language?


24171204What common English words and grammar are dying off?
58171221How many words can you make out of a b c d e f g?
79180113What are some examples of English using loan words next to their English counterparts? Like "Naan bread" and "Chai tea".
100180117Are there any English words that can only be used alongside another specific word?
104180117How much of an Anglish sentence can an average native speaker of English understand?
117180118How many different permutations of the word ‘gelatinous’ have the vowels in alphabetical order?
120180118How many arrangements are possible for the word 'mathematics' such that the vowels and consonants are in the same position and no letter is at its previous place?
139180119Is language sufficient in describing experiences? Why or why not?
144180119What is the rarest word ever used in the world?
148180119What countries have 7 letters and the third letter is R?
149180119What words in any language can be made out of the letters, cancerabigod ?
154180120Why is there no word rhyming with orange?
170180122Is there any sentence with 3 consecutive words?
174180125How many different permutations are there for the word, “gelatinous” of which the vowels are in alphabetical order?
187180128Can you put letters (alphabet) to a pack of cards?
380180330When two words differ only in that one word is capitalized and the other one is not, which word comes first when we order them alphabetically? Is there a convention for this?
391180405Are there any English words that were malapropisms, but were adopted into a language, and given a real meaning, like when I talk too much when honey is driving, and he tells me I subtracted him?
415180414How many 4-letter words with or without meaning, can be formed out of the letters of the word, 'LOGARITHMS', if repetition of letters is not allowed?
433180427What American words can I use to throw people in England off?
444180511What is the most commonly misspelled word in the English language?
455180521What are some short words that start or end with "Did"?
458180526What examples are there of euphemisms that replace the original word for the thing they referenced that we now have to find new euphemisms for?
490180810Is there a method of encoding a whole English word, which produces a different whole English word?
499180812How many different words can be formed using three letters of the word 'table'?
662181028Can you write a sentence without using the first half of the alphabet?



55171218What are some characteristic words that people use in different states of the USA?
80180113I' m Haitian- American. Born in America, but raised in the Haitian household. I do not speak the language fluently and sometimes other Haitians tell me "you're not a real Haitian". How should I identify myself or feel about this?
227180203Most people are so easily offended these days. How can America be returned to a simpler time, when people didn’t care about offending others?
233180204If you've lived under both the US healthcare system and the healthcare system of another country, which did you prefer and why?
246180207Is there any American honored as a national hero in western European countries for freeing them from the Nazis?
252180209Is America the most multicultural/ethnically diverse country in the world?
256180210Why do all nationalities living in the USA eat their home countries food except those wanting to be called African Americans?
283180226What would it take to get people in the United States to care seriously about education reform?
300180301Why do foreigners (European) assume I am an idiot because I am from the United States (Texas) even though I’ve never met them until today?
301180302Why are American citizens so overly concerned with diversity? Other than superficially, how is diversity of skin color and culture a good thing when we self-segregate anyway?
328180307Is it at all reasonable or possible for global steel suppliers to band together and refuse to sell steel to the US?
349180310If conservatives believe that gun control won't solve America's gun violence, then why does Canada have a much lower gun violence rate per capita compared to the USA?


175180125Is it disrespectful to speak English in Quebec?
210180130Why is English in Canada not "British" English sounding like it is in Australia or New Zealand?
274180223How many people are killed in Canada annually by guns illegally brought across the border from the US?
308180302Do Canadians hate Americans?
323180307What is the poorest city in Canada?
342180309Why does the USA have mass killings in a seemingly scheduled basis, and Canada has only had a few in the past fifty years? Both countries have gun ownership.
378180329What shouldn't be missed in Toronto, Canada?
382180331As a temporary worker in Canada, is it worthwhile to import my car to Canada from the US?
400180408Why do many cities of Canada have the same name as other places, such as London, Cambridge, and Waterloo?
443180510Why did Target Canada fail in terms of planning in its expansion to Canada?
732181201What is something you would see in Canada but not in the US?


185180127Why didn't Marxism take root in Britain as Orwell predicted?
269180220Have the British come to terms with the fact that to many countries the British Empire was a brutal regime?
310180303Who composed the British anthem 'God Save the Queen' & if a king should succeed Her Majesty Elizabeth II, would 'God save the Queen' still be the official Anthem of Britain?
329180307Is it true that Queen Victoria said she was Jewish, and the British royal family males are circumcised by rabbis because they are Crypto-Jewish?
649181023In what sense is England the Mother Country of the Commonwealth?
647181017If the Ark of the Covenant was in Scotland, where would it be?


31171215Why do so many religions coexist peacefully in Singapore?
152180120Along with English, what other languages should I learn to live in Singapore?
200180129How and why does a country ruled by dictators pay its external debt when they are thrown out but after stashing most of the money in foreign banks?
203180129Why are there so many Israeli propagandists on Quora?
229180203What are some of the common mannerisms of your country that are found disrespectful elsewhere?
240180205What is a temperature country?
251180209What is a weird fact about your country?
306180302If Russia is economically poor compared to European countries (Britain, Germany, and France) then how does it afford a better military, the worlds best nuclear program, and huge space program?
332180307Why is the west so concerned about women rights in Muslim countries? Don't they (west) have their own problems?
335180308Many Arabs want the West to stop interfering in the Middle East, but does that also mean cruel dictators like Saddam, Assad, or Gaddafi should be seen as rightful leaders and never be toppled by the West regardless of how they treat their people?
337180308Do people from Western countries find the governments of Eastern countries like Pakistan, Singapore, China, Japan, Malaysia and others to be too authoriarian although the people there seem to like it?
375180329What would the world and society be like if the average life expectancy of humans was only 20 years?
386180405What would happen if there were more Muslims than Jews in Israel?
392180406As a third generation English speaking white South African, when can I be accepted as an African and not be accused of land theft, etc.?
393180406Are there any limits on the power of Queen Elizabeth II?
407180410Why doesn't a British and other EU citizen migrate to the US? The EU is overpopulated, poorer and weaker than the US ? [Question deleted by Quora?]
418180419Does multiculturalism work?
427180426Is multicultural bad for the United States?
489180809Does the UN Human Rights Council target Israel?
546180830If I had enough money, could I theoretically purchase the monarchy of a commonwealth from Great Britain?
559180906Why does it look like the Middle East still lives in the time of Jesus?
582180916What would be the standard official language of the Assyrians in writing and speaking if they got a country of their own?
728181129What are the historical reasons behind the UK driving on the left? Why wasn’t the invention of the car globalized consistently?


73180104Is it possible to double major in EE and CS at the University of Waterloo?
94180115What is the academic pressure and workload at the Wilfrid Laurier University?
134180119How is the computer science double degree at Waterloo and Laurier? Is it worth it if your Laurier-based?
241180205Are there people that drop out or fail in their 2nd or 3rd or 4th year at University of Waterloo Faculty of Engineering? How many?
426180425Is Waterloo Canada good for immigrants?
437180503What are the subtle differences between Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph, Ontario in terms of culture?
450180512How much do you earn in summer jobs at the University of Waterloo?
452180513Why can graduate students only live in CLV at the University of Waterloo?
532180825Do Google and Apple hire from University of Waterloo? And which university in Canada has the most alumni working there?
602180925Is a non-coop Mathematics (Hons) degree from UWaterloo worth it? What is the career prospect as compared to the degree with coop?
653181024Which intersections in Waterloo, ON are particularly dangerous? Why? What could be done to improve them?


218180202The House voted 419-3 and the Senate voted 98-2 in favor of Russian sanctions. Trump said he won't impose them. Isn’t this a clear sign of the rise of authoritarianism in the US?
318180305Would you vote for me to be prime minister of Canada (if you could) if I was trillionaire and said that I would use 1 trillion dollars of my fortune to promote peace in the world and that I had a solid plan and track records with my foundation?
406180410What are some differences between the leftist use of language and the right-wing use of language?
434180427What do people who believe in socialism get wrong about human nature/behavior?
510180816If people have no right to define who you are, why do people use the label “social justice warrior” so freely and automatically define people as the word? Why do anti-SJWs feel so free to define people for having a different opinion?
592180922Why is being gay glorified by the left when the Bible says it's wrong.. Doesn't the left believe in God anymore?
727181129Is the problem with capitalism that people save too much and that leads to poverty?
738181205When did rights change from a restriction into an obligation of government, and from something to exercise into an entitlement for citizens?


16171127How do I prove to everyone that race doesn't exist, is superficial, and not biological?
92180115Why do most black Americans have a different English accent and speak very fast?
219180202What do mostly homogeneous countries think about our debates about race and/or racism here in the US (or any diverse nation for that matter)?
221180202How did slave owners justify slavery?
272180222What is the politically correct way to call a black person?
285180226Why are some people openly racist or subscribe to white nationalism or white supremacy? I know they a fringe minority, but what causes this type of belief to spawn despite the general public's disdain for this type of belief?
305180302Do white liberals care about Asians as much they care about Blacks and Hispanics?
320180305What must be done in South Africa so that we won't ever have racial tensions between white and black people?
326180307Why do white South Africans become offended when black South Africans say they want their ancestral land back, without compensation?
344180309Will racism end if people stopped mentioning it?
397180406Why is it racist to point out that violent crime is proportional to the black population?
399180408Why are light-skinned people considered black only in America? Outside of America, people don't view them as black.
402180410What is my breakdown if my grandmother half Indian and Caucasian my other grandparents are African American?
411180414Why are black people accociated with watermelons?
417180418Do you agree with Yoko Ono that "women are the niggers of the world"? [Question deleted by Quora?]
436180503What is Jeff Goldblum's ethnicity?
453180514Could there be a secret organisation in the police force that conspires to rid society of Black Americans?
497180812What did Elie Wiesel mean when he said that Jewish people are "ontologically exceptional"?
542180829Is a belief in the idea of a "chosen race" a form of racial supremacy? If not, then why?
549180903If I'm 15/16 African-American and 1/16 Italian, am I considered African-American, and or Italian-American? And what would you consider my race/ethnicity to be?
556180906Are mixed race kids (black/white) accepted by both races?
557180906What kind of statistics does one need in order to safely generalise a racial population without being viewed as a racist?
583180917Why don't people realize that evolutionary divergence would have been required for Adam and Eve to generate all the different races?
589180921Will racism in America cease once Europeans become a minority?
593180923If I'm an Asian-American (3rd generation of Chinese descent) with American parents who are culturally American and only speak English, how can I still be proud of who I am?
595180924What are the reasons for separating humans into various ethnic groups?
597180925What race are Jamaicans?
609180928Would people consider someone racist if they were born San Francisco and a longtime resident of Sunset District, but decided to leave because they felt that, unlike before 1980, there were now too many Chinese in their area compared to other races?
622181011Is it important for white people to speak about race, or is that best left to people who have first-hand experience with discrimination?
631181012Why do you think certain groups (Asians and Jews, for instance) outperform in school and later in their professional lives?
636181014Is it true that Scottish people are stingy? If yes could you give me an example?
642181016Does skin color depend on climate? For example if a group of white people moved to a country on the equator would they evolve a darker skin?
645181017Does the Black Lives Matter campaign have hidden agendas?
660181028Why did Jews have slaves if they were slaves themselves?
669181029Why should a person who was white and hated slavery and thought that slavery was the worst thing to do to someone have to feel guilty about slavery when he or she had nothing to do with it?
671181030Are black people actually offended by white people dressing up like black people for Halloween? Would they think it would be offensive for a black person to dress up like a white person?
674181031Is the word Jew short for Judah or does it have some other meaning or origin besides that?
679181102What Bible character do the Turkish people descend from?
686181104Where is the tribe of Juda today? The Bible says they were scattered throughout the world's by way of the ship, to be slaves. Are they black Americans?




106180117Why is reading the Bible so important?
196180129How well can a speaker of modern Greek understand the New Testament of the Bible, written in the Koine Greek of 2000 years ago?
530180823For Jehovah's witnesses, the society wrote their own Bible in the 1950's. How would I know they didn't write it wrong? How do I know what they tell me about the Greek and Hebrew is true?
574180912How should I start reading the Bible? I've never been the religious type nor have I even fully believed in God or had complete faith. I want to start learning and opening my mind more. I want to make my own decision to believe or not.
576180912If you believe that the Bible is corrupted by man, what standard do you use to know what Jesus wants you to do or not do if you don't follow the Bible because you think it is corrupt?
628181012Do you use Exegesis or Eisegesis when reading the Bible?

Old Testament

56171221Where in the Bible is the three hundred?
268180220What does the Psalm 137:9 verse mean in the Bible that says “happy is the one who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks”?
371180327For believers, why didn't God just teach the Ancient Jews about penicillin instead of all those cleaning rituals?
385180405Is marijuana mentioned in the bible?
500180813Who is the Tribe of Dan?
522180820In the Old Testament, could Abraham have killed his son and still gone on to obey God without anger?
567180909If the Biblical chronology were adjusted to compensate for the use of a lunar calendar in some books of the Bible, when would the purported date of the creation be?
578180913Does the bible mention or make reference to the pyramids?
608180928According to the Christian Bible, does the constitution of mankind consist of body and soul, or, body soul and spirit, and what is the difference?
616181002Was the biblical slavery different from the American slavery?
652181023Are there any living relatives to King Solomon?
673181031Which Christian denominations follow the Old Testament?
670181030Religion: Which prophets ascended to heaven according to the Bible?
697181110How can Monday be the first day of the week when he (God) said, “Let there be light, and the Earth was void before light”?
700181115Lot's wife was turned into a pillar of salt, does that upset you? What have you read in the Bible that just makes you sad, disappointed or pensive?


311180303Jesus quoted from the Ten Commandments at Matthew 19:16-19. Why then, do people say that the Ten Commandments were done away with?
334180308How much of the Torah laws were abolished when Jesus was crucified (died)?
365180326What is your view on eating foods prepared from animals that the Old Testament deemed unclean?
416180414Did Jesus abolish the food laws?
438180505What laws were nailed to the cross, and omitted because of Christ’s crucifixion, The 10 commandments, or man made rules like in Leviticus?
464180611If meat and dairy cannot be mixed under kosher law because “a baby must not be boiled in its mother’s milk”, why then is chicken and milk not allowed to be mixed while chicken and eggs is allowed to be mixed?
511180817If we are not under the “Law” (Mosaic), specifically as gentile Christians, why does Paul seem to indicate here that we are to follow it, especially since he’s writing to Corinth, a gentile church?
539180829When God said, "Honor your parents", what was he commanding that wasn't already a typical behavior toward parents in those days? Why did that honor, among all the other possible commandments, make the top ten?
544180829How would one follow the commandment to “honor thy mother and thy father”, when one of or both of your parents may be abusive or evil spirited?
605180925Are we still supposed to live under the Leviticus laws according to the Bible?
381180331If shellfish could be genetically engineered to have scales, could Jewish people eat it while still following kosher laws?
527180822What can I say instead of "Oh my God!"?
606180925What would Jesus say to vegans?
663181029How did the Pharisees become an example of the intensiveness of sin among humanity?
654181026Is it wrong to have pictures of Jesus in your home?
710181126What is the Lord's prayer and should we pray it?
714181127If God didn't want us wasting our "seed" (cum), why did he give us wet dreams?

Holy Days

414180414In Judaism, are there two sabbaths? It is John 19:31 that explains that there were two sabbaths in that week leading to the day of Jesus’ death.
569180911What is Pentecost and why is it important to Christians?


387180405Why does America never feature in the end times i.e. it’s not mentioned once in the Book of Revelation?
531180825How many times are the Americas and Australia mentioned in the Bible?
629181012Who is the “king of the north” in the Bible?


304180302How can Christians and Jews (especially those that are parents) be ok with the part of the Bible/Torah in which God orders Abraham to bring his precious son, Isaac, up to a mountain and kill him with a knife as a test of his faith and devotion?
480180725Why do you believe Jesus was an incarnation of God?
508180816Has God said anything funny in the Bible?
525180821Genesis 32:30 says, "I have seen the face of God" and John 1:18 & 1 John 4:12 says, "No one has seen the face of God". Is this a contradiction?
617181003Was Jesus the "I AM" that spoke to Moses at Exodus 3:14?
570180911According to the Bible, what is godly fear?
637181014At Acts 17:29; Romans 1:20 and Colossians 2:9 the term “Godhead” is used in a few Bibles. Is this the correct term to use? Did the Apostles believe in the Trinity?
693181107Since Jesus never addressed the Father as Jehovah in the New Testament according to Jehovah's Witnesses, why should others?
695181108If the name Jehovah is so important, then why is it never used in the entire Greek New Testament?


469180713Are there that many similarities between Horus and Jesus Christ? If so, are they significant?
482180726What does purgatory mean in the Bible?
483180726What does Limbo mean in the Bible?
643181017Why wouldn't Mary, the mother of Jesus, be able to hear and answer prayers if Peter and Paul can work miracles and write secrets in the Bible as believers of Christ?
658181026Are there any immaculate births in the Jewish tradition?


486180801What do you think of the "gap theory" when reading the Book of Genesis? There was a long gap of 4.6 billion years between the first two verses of Genesis.
610180928How many mass extinctions does the Bible speak of?


5171124Why will the Last Judgment occur after the resurrection of the dead according to the Bible?
275180223Does the Bible actually say that we should not judge others?
474180722What are your thoughts on the Bible passages “To be away from the body is to be home with God” & “The dead know nothing”? Why does the Bible seem to support both ideas when only one can be correct.
498180812The Bible speaks about the resurrection of the dead, those that believed and those that did not believe in Christ. What about those that did not receive the message about Christ, will they resurrect? If so, will they die or live?
541180829Is it possible to have two Gods as mentioned in Genesis? One who created the heavens, the Earth, and humans, and one who created everything else?
558180906According to the Bible will you go to hell if you commit suicide?
588180919For the purpose of this question, assume that Christianity’s afterlife is the one true afterlife. What happened to all the people who died before Christianity even existed? Why do they get punished for being born at the wrong time?
501180814Why do you think a judge hates a criminal? When Jesus was tried by the Sadducees, he was convicted and punished for his crimes. The Sadducee judges that tried Jesus never hated him.
540180829Which verse of the Bible tells us clearly that why was the whole human race created? What is our purpose?
584180917Does Hebrews 6 of the King James Bible indicate that a person can become past being able to repent and be saved?
684181104If all have sinned (Romans 3:23) and if whoever offends in one point is guilty of all (James 2:10), what makes me any less of a sinner than the worst of sinners (1 Timothy 1:15–16)? How can my portion of original sin be purified from my soul?
677181102What is the difference between the forgiveness of the sin and the remission of sin?
682181103Do any of the humans that are already in heaven ever get forced to go to hell?


279180226How were John the Baptist and Jesus related?
347180309How much did the cross in which Jesus was crucified weigh?
373180328What was Jesus’ age when he died and what is the scripture for this event in the Bible?
383180331Was Jesus nailed to the cross?
445180512Was the "ascension" of Jesus made on the same day he resurrected (the third day after crucifixion)?
479180723Which were the sentiments of Jesus during the two and a half days that he was dead? Are they the same ones when he was alive?
515180818It is strange that repeatedly, we are reminded that Jesus was in fact born into a long line of kings. How is that so considering that Joseph his ‘step-father’ in a sense, held that line and not his biological mother, Mary?
517180818Why is it so acceptable to most that it was the ultimate sacrifice when God gave his only begotten son to save humanity when God surely knew he would be resurrected in 3 days and even without the resurrection where would Jesus reside forever?
555180906Does the parable of Jonah and the stay of Christ in the belly of mother Earth before his resurrection have a common source?
571180911How painful was Jesus Christ crucifixion? Was it more unbearable than the Bible portrays it?
573180911Was Jesus crucified on a cross, a post, a stake, a living tree, a dead tree, or some other object?
590180922Why wasn't Jesus dead for 3 days and 3 nights like Jonah was reported?
598180925I have seen a picture of Jesus' extended family. It includes Mary. Why?
667181029If Jesus was given gifts by Magi, such must have been very substantial, then why then does the New Testament portray him as a poor 'carpenter' in a backwater, born in a manger and having to depend on others, even for food?
687181104Why did Jesus say “this wicked and adulteress generation asks for a sign but none will be given it” when he was performing signs every other day of the week?
706181121Can the apparent contradiction of the genealogies of Jesus be resolved? Matthew's genealogy is tracing a legal descent, while Luke's traces purely the physical line of descent (of Joseph, not Jesus), both with allowances for adoption.


2171121What does the name Andrew mean in the Bible?
333180308Paul did not know Jesus personally since Jesus had died before Paul became a disciple, but he was well versed in Jewish Law. What scriptures from his 14 books of the Bible show that Paul supported the concept of the Trinity?
577180913Acts 4: 32-35 in the Bible describe a communal economic system practiced by the early Christians under the direction of Christ’s Apostles. What was the basis for this system? Why did they practice it, and how is it relevant to Christians today?
319180305What is/was Simon Peter's Jewish name?

Parables and Symbols

107180117What does the Bible say about eating pork? How can this be represented?
294180228Why did Jesus want the rich man to sell all his riches?
579180916Why did Jesus talk in parables?
601180925Bible Study: What does the parable of the prodigal son teach us?
626181011Do Protestants believe in free will?


3171123If someone ask you to point to heaven, which way would you point?
6171124Is it right to say that we sin because we are sinners instead of being sinners because we sin?
7171124Is religion the 7th plague?
12171127Is it normal that I have struggled to focus on doing things because I am trying to deal with sins I committed?
13171127My parents want me to kneel and pretend to pray in church. I’m an atheist and I feel as that would be disrespectful or is it disrepectful not to?
37171216Does the fact that the vast majority of people who clinically die and report only darkness and non-consciousness when they are revived demonstrate that God may have created the universe but He didn't create an afterlife for us along with it?
51171217Can you refuse to swear on the bible?
150180119How do you make religious people understand how hated they all are?
248180208How is it that Adam and Eve, (supposedly the first beings on Earth) have always been portrayed as “civilized” humans? Where do the Neanderthals/cavemen fit into this scenario?
296180228If Allah knew that some of the non-believers will not have the opportunity to be invited in Islam, and after they die they will go to the hell, why did he create them in the first place?
298180301If God does not exist, is it possible to build an omnipotent machine to destroy evil?
316180305Are there any survivng Abrahamic religions with their own Messiah other than Jesus and Paul's Christianity?
339180308Is Jesus of the Caucasoid or the Negroid race?
348180309Are there churches with similar doctrine to Jehovah’s Witnesses, like non-trinity, no hellfire and earthly hope?
354180316Why is the Bible open to criticism while the Koran is closed to critique? Is "because the reference said so" a valid argument?
362180324Besides Jesus, who is the most famous Jew?
390180405Why did Christianity adopt Pagan symbols and rituals? If Jesus were alive today, how would he feel about using Pagan symbols and rituals to represent his "resurrection"?
425180425Is Jesus Christ Superstar blasphemous?
439180506Do any Christian churches keep Passover today ?
441180506How can Christians explain the lack of intervention of the Biblical God during the Black Plague?
449180512Did the Roman Empire change all of its paintings from Greek gods to Christian figures when Constantine ruled?
457180522Why is Pentecost important to Jews and Christians?
475180722What is the difference between faith and belief?
481180725If one were to upload one’s mind to a computer before death, would the “soul” continue to exist?
505180816Did the founders of Christianity not intend to create a new religion?
506180816Is it true that 270 million white people of America are descendants of Gog and Magog races from the Bible and Quran?
513180817What characteristics helped Christianity become dominant in the Roman Empire?
516180818How did Christianity take over the Roman Empire?
529180823Was there really much difference between a Christian and a Pagan in ancient times and what would be some examples?
560180906Are there any saints that were actually horrible people?
568180911What is the percentage of Mormons on earth?
665181029In some cases, entire Bible passages are duplicated in the Book of Mormon. Does this mean that the Book of Mormon is not true?
625181011What Bible verse would be suitable to honor the new installation of an elevator in a church making it fully accessible?
672181030What is a good way to respond to a fundamentalist Christian who does not accept that there could be any other viewpoint?
680181102Is there a name for the crown of light on an angel's head/jesus/other people in art made for the church?
713181127What is the mark of a true Christian?


10171126Why isn't anything easy in life?
15171127Why is the answer to life “42”, I still do not understand it?
22171128Is there good in evil?
78180112Would you go out for a drink with Adolf Hitler?
212180130Why do leftists proclaim how proud they are of freedom of speech, yet they hate it when someone on the opposite side uses their freedom of speech to assert their own opinions?
213180131Why do the big people talk about depopulating the world?
220180202Would it have been possible to free the slaves or defeat the Nazis without a war?
263180216What would happen if there weren't poor people on the world?
267180219If all the money in the world is distributed equally among the people of the world, do you think it will come back again to the same pockets after 5 or 10 years?
276180223What is universal healthcare? How does it work, and why is it 'better' than privatized healthcare?
277180223How can we prevent the elite from starting wars to thin out populations?
317180305What kind of signs do you think humanity might see in the future that mean that they need to abandon Earth and start colonizing space?
421180420Why is it said that no good deed goes unpunished?
440180506Do soldiers who jump on grenades to save their unit go to hell, since this act is also suicide?
447180512What makes people think that the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a valid instrument if two people could behave in the same way, while having different motivations?
476180722Can anything be absolutely absolute?
485180801Do you believe perfect is the enemy of the good, or is it the other way around?
492180811If children were to ask, should I tell them that the law is not perfect in any country, like even the police can take bribes, you can be jailed even if you are innocent, etc.?
494180811Why does my credential need editing? "The only Right of any consequence is the Right to Life": Why is this difficult for anyone to understand?
495180811How is a police officer able to look at or deal with seeing the worst crime scene pictures such as those depicting child torture?
503180815Why do most older people still buy lottery tickets knowing that it’s a big probability that they won’t win?
519180818Why do pessimistic people seem to always be trying to convince others of their pessimistic views?
521180820Do you ever feel like the Human race is a disease?
524180821Why do economists argue that humans ultimately are striving to be machines? Why is there an assumption that everyone is focused on productivity and efficiency over humanity and living life?
526180822Why is being proud of yourself a good thing but pride a bad thing, usually?
528180823What would become of humanity if our technology eventually eliminated people's need to work?
536180826Why is "The glass is half full" supposed to be optimistic? There's the same amount of liquid remaining if it's expressed as half-full or half-empty.
545180830Why is it wrong to sacrifice the few in order to save the many?
548180901How do I convince others to help me make the world a better place?
550180904What can I do right now to make the world a better place?
565180908In all human lifestyle, what is a universal concept or idea that most humans cannot live without that isn't a need (e.g., water, food)?
566180909What is the meaning of life or if there is no meaning, what is the point of life?
586180917Historically, what is the estimated value of a human life?
587180918Don’t you think evil, as a concept, is relative without exception?
596180925What is the point of living if we have to die someday?
600180925Are psychopaths aware of the evil they do?
623181011Does wisdom come with age, or is it from birth?
638181014What do letter and spirit mean, as in the “letter (or spirit) of the law?”
656181026What should a witness do when sworn to tell "The whole truth" but the lawyers don't ask for it or allow it?
722181129What is the modern version of the saying "If a tree falls In the woods and no one is around, did it make a sound?"?

Social Work

17171128Do people live twice?
20171128Why do I struggle being myself?
23171130What do you think about the eternal engine and why does it not exist yet?
25171204Why do people believe negativity in the media when they have no hard evidence at all?
26171204What are the things a girl should do and not do so that she won't regret anything later in life?
27171205Why doesn't God answer my prayers?
34171216If nobody is perfect, then why do so many people criticize & judge?
38171216How can I act confident when people already see me as shy?
39171216The doctor orders 20 g/1 cc and asks you to give 5 mg. How much would that be in a syringe?
40171216It's hard for me to detect passive aggressive behavior. What are some prominent social cues or patterns that are related to being passive aggressive?
41171216Am I lazy if I'd rather have fun than work?
42171216Why do people hate me for being born a Jew?
43171216Why do we point out each other's mistakes?
44171216How can I calm myself as all my classmates are working, and I am still a housewife?
53171217Why do people hunt deer?
54171218Is there a difference between instincts/emotions and the human spirit?
63171221As a black father, is it wrong/selfish for me to want to dress up as Santa Claus? Will this cause my kids to stop believing?
71180104What are the things a teenage guy should not do in order that he regrets full life?
76180112How do I deal with pride? I know I am to value others and not see them as lower than me, but sometimes I just can't. I have tried to stop but I can't.
160180121Sometimes, I understand the question only after reading the answer. What is wrong with me?
162180121How do we get Quorans to stop using “deaf and dumb”when they mean either “deaf” or “deaf and no spoken language”? It’s really offensive.
190180128What is the difference between "going with the flow" and "peer pressure"?
207180130Is there any advice to be financially stable when I grow up (I’m still 14)?
208180130Why do so many people have depression nowadays?
280180226What are some tips for arguing with idiots (seriously)?
286180227Why do I suddenly stop thinking in a test? I can't think. I know I studied and I feel I know the answer but I can't think. It’s like my mind stopped working.
312180303Why is having sex with someone you love condemned by the Catholic Church until marriage? I am a Catholic but I see nothing wrong with having sex with my girlfriend. What if I end up marrying her anyways?
331180307Is it true that every man cheats on his wife at least once when she gets older and experiences painful intercourse due to menopause?
367180326I just found out that I have to get my wisdom teeth taken out and I'm really nervous. Is it a sign of adulthood?
374180329Is OCD always superstitious in its mechanism?
424180424What can I do to improve my CV as a software engineer, after getting many of the selection process that was highly competitive and your profile has not been chosen?
432180427What do you think of my “artworks”?
477180723I met this girl I like her but when I asked her out but she said she has a boyfriend she said we could date next time she's available. What should I do in the mean time?
478180723I ordered a sandwich at a restaurant and picked it up just before they closed. The manager was counting the money already so he said "just take it" and didn't charge me. Is this stealing?
507180816Having failed at life I am ready to die. How should I end my life?
512180817My teacher told me that she no longer appreciates me as a student. This is devastating to me. How do I punish her for saying that?
523180821Will God forgive me if I watched porn?
604180925I'm a Christian and have never done anything illegal. I just want a normal life, but someone (through supernatural forces) is trying to make me go to jail. Can you pray for me so that I don't?
619181004How should I confront a double standard when my religious colleagues discuss religion but then ask me not to?
648181018I think I left my gas oven on. I'm on my way to work and won't be home for another nine hours or so. Should I call my landlord and let him know?
664181029What dessert should I make for my Asian coworkers? I don't want anything gloppy like pudding or something too sweet like brownies. Maybe something with lemon.


8171124What is the best TV series you’ve ever seen?
85180113What is the function of having Biblical allusions in literature?
127180118Does Quasimodo's name mean "half-made"?
137180119What movies for you were ruined in the last five minutes and how?
192180129When did Dr. Martin Luther King say, "When two friends understand each another totally, the words are soft and strong like an orchid’s perfume.”?
199180129How do you evade air to surface missiles in science fiction settings or future settings?
201180129Where is the gravity in Star Wars?
253180209What are some songs that most people think are happy but are actually sad?
259180212For fantasy-fiction writers, how would you recommend starting the first chapter of a first book in a long series? How do I properly introduce the world, characters, and plot at the same time?
264180218How did elders in 1977 react to Star Wars?
271180221How many British writers of science fiction and fantasy are Jewish?
364180325Which British actors are the best at imitating American accents from specific regions and states?
376180329What are examples of Academy Award-worthy performances in bad movies?
398180408Did Gene Roddenberry create the personalities of Kirk, Spock and McCoy to balance each other's characteristics? How would StarTrek be if one of them was created differently?
456180521Are there literary works written in two languages by one author, i.e., an author who wrote his story in one language, then translated it by himself into another language or finished them simultaneously?
460180531I'm writing a book about 'the end of the world'. I'm only just starting it. Basically, all animals and plants are destroyed. What would we eat (no cannibalism)?
465180711If you grew up in the '50s or early '60s, how close was your life to, "Leave It To Beaver"? As a kid, would you wear a suit if you were invited over to a friend's for dinner?
466180718Why do people say "Oh, the horror"?
504180815Do you agree with those who assert that the society we live in today was described pretty accurately by the science fiction writers of the 1950s and '60s?
514180817Does a movie become more or less entertaining for you if it is unrealistic?
520180818Have you ever weighed in on the Beowulf tale, and whether or not the Grendels were bipedal dinos? Has anyone discussed writing a book/making a movie about the Bible events, but with nothing violating any laws of physics?
561180907What aspects of the "The War of the Worlds" radio broadcast made it such an important work of science fiction?
644181017"I would do anything for love, but I won't do that" - what does Meat Loaf mean by "that" in your opinion?
666181029Who was the best Star Trek medical doctor in Starfleet history?



102180117What is the difference between barley and Malt?
131180118What is the English name of Jeera?
262180213Why would a recipe call for unsalted butter and also salt?
340180308How do you know which ingredients go with which other ingredients while experimenting with cooking?
366180326Do I have to soak pinto beans if I’m going to cook them in a crock pot?
420180420Why does red velvet taste different than chocolate?
410180412How many eggs can I eat a day without risking a heart attack?
412180414How often should an adult above 35 or 40-years-old eat eggs? Should it be a full egg or the white part only?
446180512Are black bananas rotten? If so, why do we use them for things like banana bread?
472180721Do you miss eating salt?
473180721Is there something you used to enjoy eating until you learned about the ingredients?
535180825What do you put catsup (ketchup) on that surprises some people?
572180911How do you cook your eggs often?
657181026Why do we add breadcrumbs to meatballs?
688181104What are some underrated spices that can be used in almost anything?
711181126What are two foods you’d never expect to go good together but actually do?


151180120What's the relationship between cooking time and meat tenderness?
177180125How does the cooking temperature affect the texture of a hamburger patty?
204180129How does the temperature affect the result of a salmon when baking it?
236180204Most chicken packages say to cook to 180-180 F. Yet, online, many recipes say to “smoke chicken” to 165 F. Is it safe to cook chicken to 165 F?
370180327What is the science behind food getting cooked when heated up?
484180728How do I marinate my steaks overnight to make them soft like butter? They are way too tough right now.
581180916What are the best ways to prepare fresh salmon?
603180925I want to cook frozen chicken breast in an oven. On what temp and for how long?
612180929What is your favorite secret ingredient to add to eggs?
613180930Can you microwave eggs?
692181107I'm cooking a London broil in a crock pot. Will it become more tender the longer it cooks?
694181108Should you cover your roast? E.g. shoulder of lamb - I have seen some recipes telling to cover, some not and some to do one after the other…
698181111It seems like the answer to great tasting food is a lot of added salt or butter. What are some alternative spices or combos that work for you?
735181203Why do people choose to microwave their food on a lower power and for a longer period of time rather than the default setting of max power and shortest amount of time?


181180126When making chili with cubes of beef, how can you ensure the meat chunks don't become dry or tough?
209180130Do you need to cook potatoes before roasting?
363180325How do you marinate chicken with cornstarch?
428180426Without having to purchase multiple Sous Vides, how can I have many rib eye steaks ready to grill for a party that are rare, medium rare, medium, and well-done? Has anyone perfected a system?
430180427What's a good example of a simple recipe someone new to cooking could make that would seem impressive to others?
470180719What mistakes do people make when cooking pasta?
618181003Why does restaurant salmon taste so much better than the one I make at home? ..
676181101Which do you prefer and why, Prego or Ragu?


193180129Why does a pressure cooker whistle?
423180423What are some dirty tricks used by restaurants?
429180426Can I leave a refrigerator on during a 15 day vacation?
632181012Why do some people prefer fried hamburgers to flame broiled?
627181012What are the maximum number of eggs you can eat a day?
678181102Are eggs good for piles?
683181103Would you grill hot dogs that had been left in a car, at 50 degrees, overnight?
689181105Why is a frankfurter called a hot dog?
690181106If I kept a piece of spaghetti in my mouth for long enough without chewing would it eventually cook?
707181126What foods from the 1970s do you miss?
709181126Why are tomatoes called fruits?
725181129What is a quintissential Canadian dessert?


11171126How will you define cremocarp?
18171128What will happen if I stop sleeping?
113180117What type of tages are used in HTML?
206180130How do you make burgundy?
214180131What is a suppository verb?
217180201What futuristic predictions from 21st century movies, books or TV shows are closest to coming true?
242180206What was your process for making your last archery bow? What is your advice for a beginner?
254180209What would your reaction be if someone (of your preferred gender) came up to you and said "Hey, you wanna fuck?"
297180228How would mermaids have sex?
299180301How much money is needed to buy a mouse?
353180316Which is the coolest and oldest race on Earth?
369180327How many meters are in 70 square meters?
403180410How did crepes come to Canada?
487180804Are chickens vegan?
624181011Can people of color be racist?
634181014What is the formula of gravity?
640181015I like Jewish people. They are cute and talented. They have a sweetness that reminds me of Genoa. How does Jesus Christ seem Jewish to you?
659181027Why is there no pancake equivalent to the Eggo?



668181029I'm going through a hundred of my drafts on Quora, which all have published answers, and deleting them. Is there a better way, or should I have a different workflow to prevent all these drafts from being saved?
646181017What are some reasons for you not to upvote an answer that you like?


Quora won't say why, but it deleted the following questions without notice:

223180202What does your culture have multiple words for, like eskimos and their fourteen words for snow? [Question deleted by Quora?]
407180410Why doesn't a British and other EU citizen migrate to the US? The EU is overpopulated, poorer and weaker than the US ? [Question deleted by Quora?]
417180418Do you agree with Yoko Ono that "women are the niggers of the world"? [Question deleted by Quora?]
422180423Why don't black people still can't understand the concept of clean drinking water which kills 3 million black people in Africa every year? [Question deleted by Quora?]
???181201How difficult would it be for Canada to invade and forcibly take Alaska? Also what is preventing us from doing so other than our current relationship with the United States?


I noticed much better answers than mine.

639181014Why is garam masala added at the end of some recipes?


180321What's the most ridiculously over-engineered piece of code you've seen?
180421Why haven't we made a very high-level programming language which accepts code that anyone without programming knowledge can understand?
180426What are some examples of the worst translations?
180511Why does cornstarch flour have a good consistency when added to soup than that of wheat flour?
180721What are some American practices that Canadians find odd? (x2)
180827What is the most inappropriate clothing you have seen a student wear at school?
181026Could some higher beings have created a computer simulation with us in it, including the Heaven and Hell as described in the Bible? Is this a reasonable possibility and how would we know it?
181030What does the code behind a “for loop” look like?
181104As a physics major/physicist, what makes you roll your eyes every time you hear it? (x2)
181126What should you never say at the US-Canada border?
181206What can I learn/know right now in 10 minutes that will be useful for the rest of my life?
181208What do you think is the most drastically under appreciated job?
190313You’re locked in a room with only a pencil and paper. You will only be released if you can draw a perfect circle. What’s your plan?


180704Marcos GeorgiadesWhat sounds extremely wrong, but is actually correct?
180704Marcos GeorgiadesWhat is some non-obfuscated Perl code that does something unexpected?
180723Tom WilliamsI think Donald Trump is amazing. What would you say to change my mind?
181102Zeph LevinAs a computer programmer, what's the nerdiest way you used your skills to solve a personal problem?
181107Senia SheydvasserWhat are some math problems that look easy but are insanely hard?
181222Martin UeckerAs a software engineer, what was the one line of code that you have seen, which blew your mind?
190121Gail EllisWhat is preventing the Palestinians from increasing their standard of living? Is it just Israel or is it apathy from the world in general?
190308Kaz VorpalDoes salt actually cause hypertension?


766190316What was the 'XY Problem' called before it was called that?">
765190308How come the “eating eggs is bad for cholesterol” debate is still a thing? Can’t research and technological advances tell us by now if it is good or bad?
764190216What is your absolute cheapest preventative maintenance investment in a house or condo that could save you hundreds or thousands?
763190122At university I was taught that everything falls under a bell curve. Would this include the speed of light, and if so, wouldn't that suggest that there is a small percentage of photons travelling faster (or slower) than the speed of light?
762190122Why the mass becomes infinity if a body travel with the velocity of light?
761190121Is there an official music name for the “C D E F G♯ B C” hexatonic scale, with semitone intervals 2,2,1,3,3,1?
760190121What did you like best about growing up in England?
759181228I’m 14 and really struggling to come to terms with the fact that I’m probably going to be poor my entire life since I was born into a poor family. How do I cope?
758181227Should I use CSS breakpoints for a 4k, 2k, 1080, and a wide range of mobile screen sizes as my bootstrap based site’s breakpoints don't look right for all these sizes? Is this a bad practice or can you give any useful tips?
757181226Is Eminem (Marshall Mathers) related to Jerry Mathers (Beaver Cleaver)?
756181224I need to be a web developer, who knows HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js in 100 days, how can I achieve that?
755181223What did Elon Musk mean by this "People are almost always surprised to learn that Earth’s gravitational reach is infinite"?
754181218Why is Singapore so successful despite its multicultural population?
753181218What does <I> do in HTML?
752181217What’s the standard font size for paragraphs in a webpage in order to be readable cross-device?
751181215In CSS how do I align two <p> tags with different font sizes?
750181213Did you know that guacamole means testicle sauce?
749181212If Christmas was stormy with snow in December where Mary was alive, how did she get to the barn where Jesus was born?
748181211Why is the use of “em” to specify fonts’ size considered a good practice in CSS?
747181211What was Jesus’ name before coming to the Earth?
746181210What is the best way to cut sodium out of your diet?
745181210Why do the Baptists insist on full immersion when the act of baptism is a public declaration and not required for salvation?
744181210What album cover, by the Rolling Stones, had a zip on the side?
743181208Is there a sin committed when you talk to another woman if you are married without having any sexual contact?
741181208What is that one thing, after being proven, that can crumble any of the existing religions except the case of existence of God, like Adam and Eve were not the first human species, or Jesus was a fictitious character made up by Romans, etc.?
740181206What is the significance of the age Jesus started his ministry?
739181206The speaker in Psalm 137 is both homesick and vengeful. Which lines convey these emotions most vividly to you? How did you react to the final line?
737181205In what ways was Job from The Bible guilty of sin?
736181203If I try to repent from any mortal sins, will I be saved?
734181203How do people still believe in God when things like the California fire kill the innocent, leave people homeless and destroy lives?
733181202What criterion should we use to ascertain whether a Bible passage is literal or allegory/metaphorical?
729181130When two of the three angels who visited Abraham continued to Sodom to warn Lot, when and why did their third companion part from them, and where did he go?
726181129Are the developers at Quora aware that rogue JavaScript on their site keeps closing comments when I am trying to read them? This happens over and over on any single page.
723181129According to the Bible, which sins are punishable by eternal damnation?
720181129Which types of fruit should one not keep in a common fruit basket?
719181129According to the Christian faith, do people with some kind of mental illness receive salvation? What does the Bible say about it?
718181129Can a person believe in both the creationist and the scientific explanations of how the world was created (at the same time)?
717181128Is there proof of the actual day Jesus was born?
716181128How do the scientific method and the Bible act in harmony? Why or why not?
715181128How can people with inability to think for themselves (because of an illness) accept Jesus by faith?