Reports by Ray Butterworth for or about the University of Waterloo

UW Staff Merit Pay - Suggestions How UW's USG staff merit system could be improved.
USG Levels and Merit How UW's USG levels and merit pay increases work.
Merit Pay Problems with UW's merit pay system.
Cover letter Cover letter for UW President's 2011 Review.
Letter My coments for UW President's 2011 Review.
TownHall My coments about 2010 TownHall with David Johnston and Feridun Hamdullahpur.
Parting Suggestions My coments to new MFCF Director shortly before my retirement..
Drupal Questions about MFCF's use of Drupal.
Information Technology Task Force Response to request for comments about IT at UW.
IT Task Force My comments about Report of the IT Task Force.
New Sponsorship Project My comments about the New Sponsorship Database Design Project.
Sponsorship Database Table relationships for the Sponsorship Database.
Change Management Policy CMP cover letter.
Change Management Policy CMP.
ITAM and True Colors Why our ITAM meetings are difficult.
RT Report A summary of request tracking systems.
RT Report followup A followup to MFCF's RT report.
Un-xhiering A study of MFCF without XHIER.
Visible Ops A study of MFCF and Visible Ops.
Presidents: Waterloo versus Huxley A comparison of two presidents of higher education.