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Sometimes I think I'm like Robert Neville in I Am Legend, who saw the whole world change for the worse, fought it, and then finally wondered if perhaps it's not the world that's wrong, but he himself for not changing with it.
Then I snap back to reality and realize that no, I'm right and the rest of the world really is wrong.

As I approached 50, I began to realize just how much I understood things that other people appeared not to. So many things that seemed complicated or confusing seemed rather simple and obvious to me. It certainly wasn't everything, and I definitely couldn't offer solutions to the world's problems, but many things that were contentious or required much discussion for others were trivial for me.

I know that as people age, their views become more solidified and their opinions become more like facts to them, but this was more than just that. Years later, I'm still capable of being wrong, and of changing my views. When someone or something proves me wrong, I don't consider that a bad thing. It means that I've learned something new, unlearned something old, and now have an even better understanding of the world.

Perhaps it was due to my highly analytical personality and my desire to understand how things work in terms of cause and effect. Many people see problems in a personal, emotional, and social context. I happen to be very poor at such skills, so perhaps that lets me see the underlying problems more clearly.

Many people comflate multiple problems into something large and complicated, and then spend their time worrying about these symptoms. Whenever I see a symptom, I naturally wonder about its cause. I can often separate multiple symptoms, each possibly with multiple causes, into many small, easy to solve, underlying problems.

Over the following years I dug up old e-mail conversations, news-group postings, work projects, and other things I'd written, organized them, and turned them into web pages. This process led me to similarly record other inspirations as I received them, if for nothing else, so that I can someday look back at how I used to see the world (and either impress or amuse myself).

What follows contains the result, most of it in the last section.

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My quotations

Things I've said or had said about me.

My personality

My pop-psych personality.

Mini MFCF bio

A mini biography for my former long-time employer.

My common links

Links to sites that I frequent.

Things I have (not) done

An autobiographical party game.

Journal: WebObjects Trip

My journal of a less than spectacular WebObjects course in England.

Log: San Francisco and Singapore

My comments on a 2016 visit to those cities.

Program source

Some small but useful command-line programs.

Quora Answers

Answers I've posted to Quora.


2016 San Francisco

October 2016 visit to San Francisco.

2015 Windstorm

2015-08-02 wind damage on Central and Spring Streets in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

2010 Smith Property

2010-09-30 visit to The Smith Property near Guelph.

Carousel Horse

Wooden carousel horse built by Dennis Butterworth.

Ancestors - Buckley

Mary Butterworth's family.

Ancestors - Butterworth

Dennis Butterworth's family.

Mary Butterworth

My mother.

Dennis Butterworth

My father.

My Parents

Mary and Dennis Butterworth.

My Young Self

Ray Butterworth.

Miscellaneous Things That Happen To Fit Nicely Into Tables

DC commands

Tables of DC commands.


Food ingredient euphemisms.

Waterloo Radio

Radio stations available in Waterloo Region.

Morse Code

Table sorted by code, not alphabetical.

Shades, Tints, and Tones

Tables of shades, tints, and tones of primary colors.

Left vs. Right

Characteristics of left-wing and right-wing people.

HTML-related Tables

Many Colors

See a large array of colours.


Categorized character entries.


Common character entities.


See what the standard colours look like.

10,000 Characters

See 10,000 Unicode characters.


These items are of a religious nature, but do not require or assume any belief on the part of the reader.


A brief analysis of Genesis 1.


A table of events of the biblical creation.


A very short history of the nominal Christian world.


A very short history of the world from a Biblical perspective.


A synoptic table of events of the Crucifixion and Resurrection.


A table of many things JC and his disciples were recorded as doing.

Compare it with what you do.


Unlike the above, these are not individual web pages, but larger collections of related pages.


Some personal recipes.


Notes on grammar and style.


Untruths that people insist on believing.


Notes on nutrition facts and fallacies.


Collection of tutorials.

Web Style

Web page style suggestions.

UW Reports

Reports for or about the University of Waterlo.


Conspiracy Theories.

Problem Management

This is a large collection of short essays divided into sections. Most were written between 1995 and 2010. It started out as work-related experience, but grew into many observations, principles, and examples of how I analyze the world.

Everything starts with this link:

Problem Management

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Below is a selection of some of the most popular pages:

Economic future of the USA.

A brief history of a home appliance.

Church of Environmentology.

Four theories about long-term cause and effect.

A definition and example of evil.

An example (Colossians) of how to properly understand scripture.

The real conspiracy.


Answers to some allegedly difficult religious questions.


General principles to help one understand problems, people, and life in general.


A consideration of how things can go wrong, and how to avoid such problems.


Various real-world examples of using proper principles to analyze events, things, and ideas.